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Greener Pastures Chapel – FGCI


Maxwell Morrison – Designer
Prince Ardayfio – Developer


Website Design & Development, E-Commerce

At Greener Pastures Chapel, we want to support you as you learn more about God's grace, advance in your understanding of Him, and carry out His will in everything that you do.

Our Approach

Our approach was to present the site as a visual editorial platform with quarterly features based on
events and occasions the brand was focused on. Each quarterly focus would be marked by the hero
and custom tags that filter content.

“Our Church has always had a problem with members getting information all at one place. WebTek came to our rescue and made this possible through a comprehensive website detailing all our services, conferences and ever information about our church.”

– Rev. James Debrah, Pastor In-Charge at Greener Pastures Chapel – FGCI –

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